Occupied Renovations:

the next level of renovations...

that nobody wants to do. 

here's why:

  • worried about inconveniencing  residents & possibly losing them as a tenant

  • becomes a logistical nightmare for management staff

  • liabilities

we can do this.

here are the advantages of occupied renovations when windsor is involved:

  • the owner does not lose any revenue during the rehab (making money)

  • the time to do the entire rehab is 50% of the normal attrition of unoccupied units- 30 units a month rather than an average of 10-15 (making money)

    • 300 unit rehab can be done in 10 months. 

  • the owner can charge the up charge on the rehab for the entire property in half the time a normal rehab would take (Making Money)

  • the rehab can be done building by building as to not disturb the entire property while the rehab is going on

    • less complaints & headaches for residents and management

  • less time for your management and staff to have to deal with the burden or a rehab (making money)

  • paint and flooring (optional) can be done on a normal turn and not by a contractor (Making money)